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I have authored a run of Graphic Novels. Examining and celebrating current musical history.
With subjects like Keith Moon,
Bob Marley
and Tupac Shakur. Mods-Living For Kicks, Eminem, Michael Jackson and Nirvana. The Ramones, Guns and Roses, Metallica, The Sex Pistols and more…

FLAt 21-7 copy 1_edited.jpg

Illustrator / Comic arts

I specialised in illustration and comic book art plus concept art areas. During this time I have worked for many industry and publishing houses in the UK and the USA.

I have brought my talents to various endeavours and locales.

From London to Las Vegas, from Milwaukee to San Francisco. From 2000 A.D. and Future Shocks to future dinosaurs and aliens. From Bad Company to Bix Barton. From NFT meta-verses to End Time Revelations…

NFT / Concept arts

Currently inventing dinosaurs and aliens and other characters for various NFT Meta-verses. Much enjoyment as designs tumble off the iPaper, iPod and iMac...

Publisher of Macasso eBooks

I have my own eBook imprint Macasso Books. Here I create diverse titles. Titles like 2 Sketch comic books, 2 iPhone Art collections. Also Digital Hearts: a collection of  heart images. A crime novel Deptford Cowboys. Set in 1960 in South East London. Plus, a second Voices Of Latino Music culture eBook (over a thousand pages in print terms). A new three-part, sci-fried story called DITKO is recently published. With more varied digital editions to come…

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