DIGITAL : Between fine art, book illustration and comic book concepts. I have developed a style which incorporates and expands these types of image making. For instance; I have been planning a self-published eBook called Revelation. With images based on this last book in the Bible. A baffling, insightful and future time-based prophecy. Which many people have pored over for the last two centuries.


I incorporate  layers and wish to convey the feeling of spectrality and the reality of spirits and daemons. Which enter within hosts. Who are then flipped and conquered. Inner strongholds established in susceptible people, in many populations.   Nevertheless, it infects the invaded persons. I have developed a way of imaging creatures, quasi-demons and principalities. Portals that open from other dimensions. Beings that come through and plant their seeds in this world. Thus will dread, evil and chaos, spread and prosper.


To believe that there is another world in parallel above, below and beyond this one. To see these two principalities as being in eternal conflict. Feeling this conflict is heating up presently. Is the main aim of these digital pieces. I've always been fascinated by combining different styles in one framed scene. Different elements which can suggest different principalities. Powers and other eventualities which have been extensively prophesied. In the book originated by John Of Patmos and taken down as spiritual dictation from Jesus Christ…